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Session – 1

Comprehension Questions & Answers:-

1. What is the poem about?

Ans. The poem is about dogs.

2. Who is “I” in the first line?

Ans. The poet (M.G. Chute) is “I’m in the first line.

3. Which words in the poem tell about the shapes of dogs?

Ans. Big, tall, long, thin, fat and small these words in the poem tell about the shapes of dogs.

4. Which type of dogs do you like the most ?

Ans. I like long type of dogs the most.

5. What is the colour of your dogs?

Ans. The colour of my dog is brown?

6. Who is “they” in the last line of the poem?

Ans. Here “they” referred to the dogs in the last line of the poem.

7. Do the thin dogs seem to have shapes?

Ans. No, the thin dogs do not seem to have shape.

8. Does the poet love dogs? How do you know this?

Ans. Yes, the poet loves dogs. The poet knows that the dogs have many shapes which tell us the poet loves dogs.


Session – 2

Post - Reading

1.Visual Memory Development Technique (VMDT)

Whole: How many lines are there in this poem? Which line talks about "many shapes"? Where is "big and small"? Which line talks about "thin"?

Part: Last four lines: So thin, no shape, fat and small.

2.Comprehension Activities:-

MCQs: Choose the right answer from the options given.

1. The dogs have _____.

a) One Shapes

b) Two Shapes

c) Three Shapes

d) Many Shapes

Ans - Many Shapes

2. Which of the following describes only about the shapes of dogs?

a) red and bright

b) white and tall

c) big and tall

d) red and brown

Ans - big and tall

3. Find the odd one out

a) thin

b) fat

c) small

d) shape

Ans - shape

4. Which pair of words has been used in this poem to describe a dog?

a) big and small

b) tall and short

c) fat and thin

d) big and tall

Ans - big and tall

5. Which dogs seem to have no shape at all?

a) tall

b) fat

c) thin

d) big

Ans - Thin

Session – 3

3.Listening :

(a) Your Teacher reads aloud some words from the list. you tick(✓) the words which your teacher reads.

big, dog, tall, small, short, thin, fat

(b) Your teacher reads some lines aloud. Listen to him/her.

I once had a dog and it's true.

I once had a cat and it's true.

I once had a hen and it's true.

(c) Your teacher will read out the names of some animals other than those in (b) above. Listen to him/her and fill in blanks in the following lines.

(cow, goat, mongoose, horse)

a. I once had a cow and it’s true.

b. I once had a goat and it’s true.

c. I once had a horse and it’s true.

Session – 4

4. Speaking:

(a) Reading aloud.

Teacher reads aloud one line, students repeat after him/her in chorus.

(The first three lines at one go.The remaining five lines one by one.)

(b) Read the following words aloud after the teacher.

all, tall, small

(c) Chain-drill- I like dogs ............. cats.................

Session – 5


Match the words under 'A' with their opposite in meanings given under'B'. One is done for you.

Ans : -

 A           B

Big - Small

Fat - Thin

Tall - Short

Good - Bad

Clever - Foolish

Happy - Unhappy


Session – 6


Fill in the blanks with the suitable words choosing from the bracket.

(thin, small, fat, tall, short, beautiful, big)

a. I live in my family. It is a big family.

b. My father is a tall man.

c. My mother is very beautiful.

d. My sister is short.

e. My brother is thin.

f.  I have a dog and it is fat and small.


Session – 7


a. Answer the following questions.

1. Who is “I” in the poem?

Ans - The poet is “I” in the poem.

2. Who does “they” in the last line refer to?

Ans - In the last line “they” refers to Dogs.


b. Read the poem “Dogs” carefully and write a poem of six lines on “Cats”. Use the clues/ helps given. Some lines are done for you.


 The cats I know

Have many colours

Some are white (white)

And some are grey (grey)

And some are brown that (brown)

They seem to have as black as night (as black as night)


Session – 8

(c) Given below are the lines of the poem "Dog". They are not in order. Arrange the lines properly to get the poem. Don't see the poem while ordering. Write the serial numbers in boxes. Then check your answer with the poem.


        ⬜  Some are big and tall 

        And some are thin

          And some are so thin

           They seem to have no shape at all.

           Have many shapes.

          Some are long.

          The dogs I know

          And some are fat and small.


Ans -

3 Some are big and tall 

        5 And some are thin

        7   And some are so thin

        8   They seem to have no shape at all.

        2     Have many shapes.

        4   Some are long.

        1    The dogs I know

        6   And some are fat and small.




After A Bath

Answer the following questions:-

1. Who does “I” stand for in the poem?

Ans. “I” stands for the boy in the poem.

2. What does the boy do after a bath?

Ans. The boy tries to wipe himself.

3. What parts of his body does the boy wipe?

Ans. The boy wipes the hands, fingers, toes, legs and nose parts of the body.

4. Who takes less time to wipe?

Ans. Dog takes less time to wipe.

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