English (Set-2)




Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

He started losing all hopes and huddled inside the cave to escape from the burden of such defeat. One evening he found a spider trying to make its web on the slippery walls of the cave. Every time it dragged itself up the walls, it fell down. The king was astonished to see how desperate the spider was to meet its target. The next morning when he got up glumly, he found a sturdy web hanging from the rock walls. He learnt his lesson and decided never to give up on hard times. He came back to his army. They were all relieved to see the king back.

They all fought back for the seventh time with renewed spirit and captured all enemies.


Complete the following sentences with information from the text :

i) The spider was desperate because it wanted to meet its target.

ii) The next morning the king found 

a sturdy web hanging from the rock walls.

iii) The king learnt a good lesson to see 

the spider's desperation to make a web and its never give up attitude.


There are some errors in the following sentences. Find them out and rewrite correct sentences :

i) I saw an pretty bird sitting on an window sill.

Ans. I saw a pretty bird sitting on a window sill.

ii) My younger sister wants an yellow balloon from the seller.

Ans. My younger sister wants a yellow balloon from the seller.


Suppose you bought a rubber ball from a shop. The shopkeeper put that ball in a small box and wrapped the box with colourful paper. After you opened the box at home there was something else instead of that ball! Write your experience about what happened next in about five simple sentences:

  1. After opening the box, I was surprised to see that there was an expensive toy car instead of my rubber ball.
  2. I could not understand how this happened as the shopkeeper put the ball into the box and wrapped it with colourful paper in front of me.
  3. I decided to return it and went to the shop again.
  4. The shopkeeper realized his mistake and give me my box.
  5. He also gave me a magic pen as a gift for my honesty.

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