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Tick the correct alternative:

i) The lad had wanted to be a-

  1. doctor
  2. sportsman
  3. sailor

ii) Mother told the lad that he knew the smell of the-

  1. soil
  2. food
  3. flower

iii)Jon put the turtle on his-

  1. back
  2. head
  3. hand

iv)The fairy man wanted to know Jon’s-

  1. age
  2. name
  3. heart’s desire


Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes:

1) Jon met the tiny green turtle.[2]

2) Mother said Jon was a farmer’s son.[1]

3) The turtle changed to the tiny green fairy man.[4]

4) Jon plucked the turtle from his head.[3]

5) Jon did not express his wish.[6]

6) Jon bowed back.[5]


Answer the following question:

Q.Why do you think Jon thought that the turtle would be safe on his head?

Ans- In the text “The wind Cap” Jon thought that the turtle would be safe on his head because he found the turtle when he was ploughing and there were lots of clod of dirts, so the turtle might drive into the clod or had chances to get injured by the ploughing object.


Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

a)The Cap that sailors most desire is a cap full of wind.

b) Seeing a ship anchored near the shore Jon requested the captain to take him along.

c) By twisting the cap, Jon could summon the east wind and the west wind.

d) Jon desired to see the land because for a year and a day, young Jon did not set foot on land.


Answer the following questions:

a) Why did the fairyman offer Jon the wind-cap? 

Ans: The fairyman offered Jon the wind-cap out of thankfulness. As young Jon put him on his head like a hat to keep him safe.

b) What was the condition that was associated with the wind cap?

Ans: The condition that was associated with the wind Cap was no human hand will ever be able to take the cap off.

c) Why did Jon become popular with the sailor?

Ans: Jon became popular with the sailor because he could summon the wind by twisting his cap that the sailor called for.


Write ‘T’ for true an ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes.Give supporting statements for each of your answers.

a) Jon never dreamt about the land. [FALSE]

Supporting statement : “Jon could not stop dreaming of the land.”

b) The squall was called up because Jon was sleeping. [TRUE]

Supporting statement: “The cap on his head twisted round and about. It called up a squall from the clear sky that hit the ship without a warning.”

c)The Captain was angry with Jon. [TRUE]

Supporting statement: “In anger he grabbed him by the tail of his striped cap, twisted him thrice and flung him out to the sea.”

d) Jon did not return the wind-cap to the fairy man. [FALSE]

Supporting Sentence: “He placed the wind cap under a stone where he knew the fairy man would find it.”


Answer the following question:

a) Why did the sailors try to rip off the cap from Jon’s head?

Ans: The sailors tried to rip the cap off from Jon’s head because he was sleeping and each of his turns in his bed consequently,the cap of his head twisted round and about which called up a squall from the clear sky that hit the ship without a warning.

b) How did Jon divide his time between land and sea?

Ans: So far as Jon owned his own boat and a hundred acre farm land, he divided his time to spend half of the year on a ship and half on the shore.

c) Do you think Jon was rightly called Captain Turtle?Give reasons for your answers.

Ans: Yes, Jon was rightly called Captain Turtle.

Jon came to be known as captain turtle for he was as much at home on the water as he was on the land.

d) Why did Jon want to return the wind cap to the fairy man?

Ans: Jon wanted to return the wind cap to the fairy man because of the negative impact of the Cap.Jon was blamed for the unwanted storm that hit the ship without a hint and all the destruction happened because of the wind cap.He was also thrown away into the sea by the captain.


Underline the verbs in the following sentences that suggest actions that began in the past and are still continuing:

i)They have been travelling for ten years.

-have been travelling.

ii)He thanked me for what I have been doing.

-have been doing.

iii) The baby has been sleeping all day.

-have been sleeping.

[This kind of tense is called Present Perfect Continuous tense.]


Underline the verbs in the following sentences which suggests actions that began before a certain point in the past and continued up to the time:

i) They had been playing in the field for an hour before mother called them.

-had been playing.

ii) When I visited my uncle; he had been teaching in a school there for five years.

-had been teaching.

iii) Rita had been studying in our school for the last eight years since I met her.

-had been studying.

[This kind of tense is called Past Perfect Continuous Tense.]


Replace the underline words with their antonyms.

a) Jon had always obeyed his mother.

Ans: Jon had always disobeyed his mother.

b) Jon began his first ever sea voyage.

Ans:Jon finished his first ever sea voyage.

c) He became very popular with the sailor.

Ans: He became very unpopular with the sailor.

d) In Jon’s dream the seasons turned rapidly.

Ans: In Jon’s dream the seasons turned slowly.


Imagine you are out on the open sea in a boat with waves rising all around you. Would you feel scared or excited? Write a paragraph in about eighty words describing your experience of the sea voyage.

 A Tale of a Sea Voyage

It was very wonderful and exciting to have a Sea voyage for me as I am fond of adventures. At the same time it was thrilling to have a journey by boat.Last year on the summer vacation I had the pleasure to experience a sea voyage by boat.I along with some of my friends and family went for a trip to the Bay of Bengal.One fine morning we boarded a boat for the voyage. There we experienced the amazing view of the sunrise on the sea. A gentle breeze was blowing.The sun was shining brightly.The gleeful weaves on the water seemed like the sea full of stars. The boat was swaying slightly. We all felt a mystic sensation.The folk song of the fisherman mingled with the murmur of water which created a pleasant symphony. Both the horizon and sea beach from the middle of the sea looked wonderful under the bright sun rays. The sweet memory of the boat journey still fills my heart with pleasure.


Suppose you had wished to perform on stage for a long time. On the occasion of your school’s annual function, you finally got a chance to do so. Write a letter to your friend describing how you felt when your wish was fulfilled.

Jarura South, Polba,

 Hooghly, Pin- 712138


My dear Swapna,

I received your letter last week. I am glad to know that you all are well. In my present letter I will share with you about my stage performance at my school function.like every year on the independence day the annual function was held in our school. As you know I had been wishing for a long time to perform on stage, this year my wish was fulfilled. I took part in a dance performance on a patriotic song and got a prize. It was my first stage participation so I got nervous but gradually I overcame my fear. After I finished my performance, I heard only clapping sounds around me. All the teachers and friends praised me for my beautiful performance. I wish you could be here to see my performance. That might be great fun.

No more today.Hope we will meet soon. Convey my regards to your parents and lots of love for you.

Your loving friend,


Swapna Sarkar

Gazipur, Haripal


Pin- 712405

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