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CBSE CLASS-9 Chapter 1 THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Written by Robert Frost - Notes, Exercise Questions and Answers

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CBSE CLASS-9 Chapter 1 - THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Written by Robert Frost - Notes, Exercise Questions and Answers


1. Where does the traveller find himself? What problem does he face?

Ans- The traveller was at a point of confusion where the two roads get diverged in the yellow wood. His problem was as he knows he cannot travel on the two diverged roads, simultaneously and he is unable to decide on which road he should walk.

2. Discuss what these phrases mean to you

(1) A yellow wood - a beautiful forest during an autumn or harvest season

(2) It was grassy and wanted wear - This expression means that the forest’s road is full of grass and not many people have travelled on it.

(3) The passing there - travelling on the road.

(4) Leaves no step had trodden black - This expression means as not many people have travelled on this way so, the fallen leaves on the road had not been crushed under the feet of the travellers

5. How way leads on to way - This expression means how one way or the road will lead you to the other one?

3. Is there any difference between the two roads as the poet describes there?

(1) In stanza two and three?

Ans- No, there is no difference between those two roads.

(2) In the last two lines of the poem?

Ans- Here the poet tells rather than walking on the easy and flowery road where many men have already travelled, he took the one which is less travelled by.

4. What do you think the last two lines of the poem mean? (Looking back, does the poet regret his choice or accept it?)

Ans- The last two lines of the poem suggest that the poet was puzzled when he saw the roads getting diverged. He was unable to choose the right path for him. But he took hard decision and travelled on the road which is less travelled by.

No, the poet did not regret or repent on his choice because he feels heading towards the road which fewer people took has made all the positive difference in his life that one hard and uneasy path made him a successful person.

5. (1) Have you ever had to make a difficult choice (or do you think you will have difficult choices to make)? How will you make the choice (for what reasons)?

Ans- In the modern world we all are surrounded by obstacles and one wrong step can destroy our entire struggle. So, we have to take wise decisions with a sound mind. After listing out all the possibilities, pros and cons and consequences we must take our decision. Rather than just following the ideologies of others, we should explore ourselves and then we should work on inking the right decision.

(2) After you have made a choice do you always think about what might have been, or do you accept the reality?

Ans- We must take as much time to take the right decision but once you’ve taken then there’s no point to regret. We have to accept the reality and have to stand firm against all hurdles that come along the way. Switching on again and again from your path will never give you a peaceful and successful life. You cannot even reach your destination if you keep fluctuating your decisions.

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